The Lull (calm) before the storm

The ‘portaria’ for the CESPE IRBr Concurso is out, so now the panic starts. As you already know, English is one of the top 3 subjects you must do well in to classify and one subject that you cannot take any risks. Central English is one of the few courses in Brazil specialised in the TPS and Composition sections of the exam which why we have courses for candidates of all kinds. Here are the main three

1. CACD Composition and Summary: New students at Central English:

We always recommend you focus on phase 3 first. There is no point getting to this final stage and failing, you must be ready.

cacd composition and summaryThe CACD Composition course is our entry level for all of our candidates and this year we have added the Summary preparation course due to these sections being the questions where students can achieve the most points.

The opposition and summary course first prepares candidates to achieve a high level by eliminating your ‘mistakes’ and showing the the vocabulary you need to use, then you learn and write compositions and within 10-12 weeks you should feel you can face the exam. Then we work to a higher level so the rest of the course focuses on improving the clarity of your arguments, the content you need, and provide a clear strategy to guarantee a very high score

2. TPS Phase 1.

TPS courseWe have a specialized course with extremely high level texts. This course follows the trend of the exam over the last 5 years with readings tha
t reflect the examiners changes and preference. All of the texts help you to understand the type of questions on the test and give you an enormous amount of practice.

This year we have included more literature-style texts from authors such as Oscar Wilde, Virginia Woolf, James Joyce, Joseph Conrad, Thomas Hardy to name just a few.

There are also many texts from the various other sources that the examiner uses such as from The Economist, The Guardian, Project Syndicate and many Academic texts taken from various international diplomacy and politics articles.

NOTE: Ex-student or current CACD Composition students have a 50% discount.

3. Ex-students who have ‘taken a rest’. We have something special for you.POST-Cacd
We knew you’d be coming back so we have made the CACD Post-Writing online course, (this is only if you as an ex-students of the CACD Composition course). The course maintains a strong focus on the composition but also include summaries and translations. The same feedback and language focus as the previous course will also be maintained.

CACD Composition and Summary

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