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The Central English teaching team (Nicky, Ray and Shaun) spent the end of 2015 and 2016 helping students from all over the world prepare for one of the most awaited government exams in Brazil, the Oficial de Chancelaria (Ofchan). The concurso was given by Fundação Getúlio Vagas (FGV) projetos for positions in the Brazilian Foreign Ministry. With over 15,000 candidates applying for the test, Central English was able to help as many candidates as possible.

When the first official government notice of concurso approval was published our Ofchan course was the only available online course in Brazil so students could enroll with plenty of time to prepare. Following the release of the exam we were immediately flooded also with the need for ‘presencial’ course in Brasilia. With our own specialized material already prepared the clases were soon full.

Lastly, named after our long time student’s own secret Facebook group, a further ‘OfShaun’ extra practice course was developed online with new videos and exercises for those ex-students who needed more specific FGV practice.

Here are some of the comments we received in Feb 2016 after the exam was taken.

We welcome any further comments below.

Hi Shaun

I have to say that the training you provided was spot on, not only in regard to the developing of my writing skills, but also in regard to your presenting of the format of the questions and how to address them properly.

And you understand candidates can get nervous…, so thanks for your words and support!

Gustavo, Brasilia, via FB  – Presencial and OfShaun online courses

Hi Ray

It has been a great pleasure to work with you! Your feedback is always not only fast but also very attentive effective. I believe I will be aware of details because of your help.

You have also been very supportive and aware of the great emotional stress involved in this test.

I do hope I pass….

Anna, Brasilia Feb 2016 Ofchan Online course

Hi Nickkkk!!!!

The English exam was ok!

I didn’t have any problem with the discursive exam! What you taught was more than enough!

Antonieta, Online Ofchan course Serbia

Hi Shaun!

I hadn’t taken the time to thank you yet, as I was in such a hurry because of the concurso. I really liked the course, it helped me a lot, and I heard your voice in my mind many times during the writing section lol. It kept me from repeating a few mistakes. I used the “indeed” and the wh-cleft. I think I forgot to use inversions though. I really don’t know whether I went well or not in the discursive questions. It was such a hurry, I finished 2 minutes before the time was over. There wasn’t much time to think the answers through.

Karine, Fortaleza, Ofchan Online course online

Dear Nicky and Shaun

I’m writing to thank you for all the attention over this last month. I did very well in the English questions. Hope my grade is good enough to correct my compositions.

I really enjoyed the course.

Stephanie, Brasilia, Ofchan Online course

Thank you for your wise words Shaun! I am very grateful for having such a wonderful professor like you.

Livia, Brasilia Feb 2016 via FB, Presencial and OfShaun Online course

Hi Nicky

But…. I think you would be proud of what I did yesterday. It was not a difficult prova , but it was full of text. It demanded a high level of vocabulary.

I remember that we did an activity about how hard it was for a translator to deal with different cultures on the Diplomacy environment and the “prova” had a similar one. It was like homework.

I don’t know any answers or ‘gabarito’, but if I get my second part corrected I think I have a chance.

I’d like to thank you for all the effort with me. Your lessons made me humble

Claudia, Sao Paulo, Online Ofchan course

I am really thankful for the ‘ofshaun’ course. We did so much practice that the actual test was not a problem at all. The exact opposite of the portuguese test that I dreaded for months.

Thanks a lot, Shaun. 

Rita, Italy Ofchan and OfShaun online courses

Hi Ray! The exam yesterday was fine. I felt prepared by the central. When i was writing I remembered from Mr Shaun’s videos.   Talking about Indeed and inversions. I did as he said. Thanks  guys

Cristiane, Goiania, Ofchan online course.

Nicky, the 2nd phase had no surprises, what we practiced

Rafael Brasilia Ofchan Online course

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