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In this section you will see Shaun talking about the exam and the strategy you ned for the 5 hours to score well.

Then the 3 test you will find contain questions that might come on the exam. Doing each test will give you the experience of the 4 parts of the phase 2 test. When you finish it you will send it to Shaun who will score it based on the IADES test so you have a good idea what you score will be. In each of the three tests you can perfect you performance and strategy.

This is the last section of the course where you will get into exam mode and work under pressure. By doing this we will make adjustments to your timing and overall exam performance. No all of this hard work will be chnneled for you to score top points in the two most imprtant areas of the English test.

In the final weeks we have a complete 4 part exam for you to experience (2 translations) so you can consider your performans by facing the full exam too.

In this section you will start with the compositions and have plenty of practice then we will move on to how to deal with the difficult task of the translations and show the best strategy for you to score as many points as possible.

We will first focus on the introduction, then perfecting the organisation of your arguments through typical exam questions. Then the translation exercises will be based on how to score well using difficult Brazilian literature. 

Part 3 will be developing exam practice and strategy.

This is the 2020 version of our successful CACD Exam preparation course.

 It's focus is in 3 stages. This first one is to make you write, give us information to analyse and show you what is right and wrong with your writing. 

This section will show you how to study so for the rest of the course you know what you need to achive a high level of language for the test and start you on the TPS exam. The main focus will then be on Compositions and Summaries but at the end of the course you will work towards doing full concurso mock tests.

This is a short intensive course for preparation to face the 2020 IRBr Phase 2 concurso.

It is for candidates who want to prepare for the phase 2 English test after the TPS.

The course includes 8 sections of preparation, the first 4 weeks are to make sure you are ready and the second 4 parts pure exam practices and startegy training with scoring.

Nesta área é realizado o teste de nivelamento para o curso de inglês jurídico. Siga as regras ao iniciar o teste. 

Você só tem uma oportunidade de responder a cada pergunta e concluir o teste.


This Legal English course if for Brazilian lawyers. It will gradually build up the lawyer's grammar and vocabulary  for his/her the career and give professional English Legal training in order to perform confidently with the language. 


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