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This is Part 2 of the 2019 CACD Composition and Summary course.  Now you start writing compositions and use all of the language you have built up over Part 1. This is where we prefect your organisation, style and reduce the mistakes while you at the same time express your own arguments.

This includes composition questions to reflect the viewpoint of the 2019 government

This is the first part of three sections of the CACD Composition and Summary course. 

This will train you to produce high level language and eliminate your mistakes through writing summaries on subjects which are important in international relations.

This section intially will help you review the main composition language items and from week 3 onwards, forces you to write at a high level.

This is your 8 week-course which prepares the candidate for the Portuguese to English Translation section in the 2nd phase of the CACD/CESPE Rio Branco concurso. 

The first 4 weeks will build up tyour English through exercises before gradually moving on to lots of exam style texts.

This is a short intensive course for preparation to face the 2019 IRBr Phase 2 concurso.

It is for candidates who want to prepare for the phase 2 English test after the TPS.

8 sections of preparation, the first 4 weeks are to make sure you are ready and the second 4 parts pure exam practices and startegy training with scoring.

This is the last section of the course where you will get into exam mode and work under pressure. By doing this we will make adjustments to your timing and overall exam performance. No all of this hard work will be chnneled for you to score top points in the two most imprtant areas of the English test.

In the final weeks we have a complete 4 part exam for you to experience (2 translations) so you can consider your performans by facing the full exam too.

This course is originally designed to focus only on the Phase 1 English section of the CESPE/Rio Branco concurso. It is based on the changes made in the 2018 concurso and offers candidates different techniques, questions types and text styles to learn. Then the student moves on to lots and lots of high level practice tests (simulados) made in the same form of the exam. 

The new IADES exam board are following the same exam criteria as the old CESPE concurso so there is no need for changes to this course.

Coaching para candidatos ao CACD, com planejamento individualizado de atividades, organização de leituras, correção de redações e questões de terceira fase e outras atividades.


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