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This is the area where the interview will be help for Fereal Prosecutors for the ESMPU

This course on international migration is a short preparation for Federal prosecutors who have been chosen to attend the IMO in Geneva 2019. 

For thise who qualified for the course please click on the title and go to the first video which will explain the course and how to proceed and use your time effectively.

This is the last section of the course where you will get into exam mode and work under pressure. By doing this we will make adjustments to your timing and overall exam performance. No all of this hard work will be chnneled for you to score top points in the two most imprtant areas of the English test.

In the final weeks we have a complete 4 part exam for you to experience (2 translations) so you can consider your performans by facing the full exam too.

This is the main course for CACD candidates preparing for the CESPE/IRBr exam. The course helps student eliminate their mistakes and express themselves to the high degree needed for the concurso. Content is also of a high level and students have extra reading so they can answer difficult question covering different international subject to write about. Summaries are initially used as a learning strategy for the candidates study at the level require. At the end of the course exam technique and summary practice is given.

This is Part 2 of the 2019 CACD Composition and Summary course.  Now you start writing compositions and use all of the language you have built up over Part 1. This is where we prefect your organisation, style and reduce the mistakes while you at the same time express your own arguments.

This includes composition questions to reflect the viewpoint of the 2019 government

This is the first part of three sections of the CACD Composition and Summary course. 

This will train you to produce high level language and eliminate your mistakes through writing summaries on subjects which are important in international relations.

This section intially will help you review the main composition language items and from week 3 onwards, forces you to write at a high level.

Post CACD writing (Phase 2) course after the 2018 exam. This is also a continuation of the first CACD Composiiton and Summary course and will include the 4 areas of the exam, so candidates can gradually plan for the next consuso and maintain their English. 

There will be specific exercise and tips about the changes and information that was found from the 'espelhos' shared by our candidates. 

Yes, many of them passed in 2018. It is your turn next. :)


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