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This course is designed to focus only on the Phase 1 English section of the CESPE/Rio Branco concurso. It is based on the changes made in the 2017 concurso and offers the candidates different techniques, questions types and text styles to learn. Then the student moves on to lots and lots of high level practice tests (simulados) made in the same form of the exam 

This is the main course for CACD candidates preparing for the CESPE/IRBr exam. The course helps student eliminate their mistakes and express themselves to the high degree needed for the concurso. Content is also of a high level and students have extra reading so they can answer difficult question covering different international subject to write about. Summaries are initially used as a learning strategy for the candidates study at the level require. At the end of the course exam technique and summary practice is given.

This is course is for ex-students of the CACD Composition and Summary. This contains all the 4 parts of the CACD and many TPS style texts. Students maintain an develop their English with more varied question styles that could come on the exam.

This is the CACD Composition and Summary course starts from October and course takes student through to 2019 

This course is for Phase 2 of the 2018 Rio Branco concurso only. This does not include any TPS texts just exam preparation for the Phase 2 English section for this reason it has 8 units/weeks for students to have enough practice and preparation for this year's test.