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After many years of working with candidates in all phases of the Rio Branco (CACD) entrance exam for future diplomats, Central English has put together a specialised practice book for candidates facing the first phase of the exam (TPS).


There are over 100 exam style questions for candidates to practice with adapted texts used in the same style of the yearly IRBr CESPE/IADES exam. For this reason, we have called this practice book TPS100. All of the questions have the answers explained so those who complete the exercises can understand the type of information the examiner is testing.

The book is offered free to those who enroll in the CACD Composition and Summary course.

All TPS texts are taken from similar sources that have been used in previous exam years. For more information see our article which analyse the exam in order to highlight the change that CESPE are making each year. A full list of these texts are stated at the back of the book but for a sample please see some of the pages demonstrated on the right of this page.

This practice book has all of the answers fully explained and tips given on how to study and the type of questions used in this exam.

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For more information on our research on the TPS see our other Blog posting TPS Review

The book can be obtained here will the funds from this small price going to local projects