Similar to all of our Rio Branco courses, the TPS will initially train candidates to be familiar with the different types of CESPE TPS questions. Then different reading text styles will be practised as the level of the reading texts gradually become more and more intensive before the candidate finally finishes the course with both online and  paper-based mock (‘simulado’) tests.

CLIENT: Rio Branco candidates

START DATE: 01 January 2018

DURATION: 8 weeks (minimum)

Rio Branco TPS 2018

Each year we at Central English open a full and developed English TPS course. We want to give our students comprehensive preparation with many high level practice. As we do not know the current date of the exam, we have separate the course into 8 weeks but we try and be flexible for those enrolled on the course until the actual day of the TPS exam. We want you to pass!

This course is based on our yearly analysis of the TPS English exam which you can read in out BLOG


The TPS will initially train candidates to become familiar with the specific types of CESPE TPS questions by using  different reading text styles that is found on the exam. The course starts with ‘less difficult’ texts and moves up to higher level texts that are compatible with the exam in order for you to score well. As reading texts become  more and more difficult they change from online tasks to paper based full test (‘simulados’) so student can practice under exam conditions.

We recommend you organise 4 to 5 hours of study per week and suggest you split this time into 2 sections er week.

As the course is online you have the flexibility to fit the course into you study schedule.  We provide extra vocabulary exercises throughout the course and we suggest a strategy for you to use as you progress each week. :


Payment through pageseguro (credit card) or through Gerencianet (boleto).

For students who already study or have studied with us on the CACD Composition course you are entitled to 50% discount. Please request the discount from shaun@centralenglish.com.br. Only contact if you are an ex-/current student.

Please read the course contract and go to complete the form on the next page before making your payment.

Por favor, antes de se matricular, leia o contrato de prestação de serviços: