This is an intensive short for the English section of Phase 2 of this year’s Rio Branco ‘concurso’. This is an individualised course where students’ needs and correction are dealt with separately.

This 8 to 10 week/unit online course is specifically for those who need to prepare for phase 2 on the 2017 (there is a separate course for the TPS) Rio Branco concurso. We allow this 2 weeks of flexibility as we expect the student to be under a lot of pressure at this time.

Strategies for the TPS and pratice will be included in the first phase the course. This first section make sure you writing the correct way so you have a good chance of passing the minimum score needed to classify. After this, the second phase will give you TPS and Phase 2 full tests for you to have enough practice under pressure as would encounter on the day of the Phase 2 English test. See more details below for more details.

NOTE: This is the third years we have opened this short course and people have passed with our help.

CLIENT: Rio Branco candidates

START DATE: Open from 12th March 2018


DURATION: 8 to 10 weeks. 

This intensive course is focused on helping IRBr candidates classify in the 2018 CACD Phase 2 English section and is includes part of our TPS course. It is made for those who are very familiar with the exam and have previously past the TPS in 2016 or 2017.

Based on the experience of previous years, the course allows a little flexibilty because students are now focusing on both Phase 1 and Phase 2 at this time. The course is complete with  video explanations, language exercises, our collaborative correction methodology and various exam development questions to help candidates classify.

Cancellation: Please note should you cancel the fine is different than our normal courses because of the special conditions of the timing of the results. Students can cancel at any time but the fine is 50% as the costs of this intensive course are higher for such a short period and an incentive for you to complete the course even if you do not pass the TPS. Please read our contract at the link below.


Students can take between 8- 10 weeks/units to complete all of the writing tasks but can go quicker if needed.

The course will be split into two phases:

Phase 1: Preparation.

  • Week 1. Videos explaining the course. Language exercises a) focused on mistakes, b) what language to avoid, c) important grammar exercises and d) the correction of the first composition.
  • Week 2. Focus on organisation or arguments and illustration and second composition correction + TPS strategies and texts + TPS text
  • Week 3. Summary writing strategy, summary organisation and correction of 2 summaries under pressure.
  • Week 4. Translations, 4 Translations Portuguese-English (timed, under pressure). + TPS practice

Phase 2: Practice and scoring.

  • Week 5. Training for a Complete exam with all 4 sections + TPS full exams
  • Week 6. Practice of complete exam with possible score
  • Week 7. Practice of complete exam with possible score +TPS Full exams
  • Week 8. Practice of complete exam with possible score

Por favor, antes de se matricular, leia a contrato de prestação de serviços:


There are a limited number of places on this course and those enrolled are on first come first served basis.

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