This course is only for students who have previously studies on our CACD Composition and Summary course.

As students have already worked with us they know how our courses work and have more flexibility with their studies in the run in 2018 exam. On this course students can take between 12 weeks ‘minimum’ to complete all of the writing tasks but can pace themselves also to suit their studies. In this course we will take a deeper look at possible subjects for the text which include different question styles for composition, summaries and translations. At the end there will be 2 full 5 hour tests student can face the whole exam and improve their strategy. Each exam will be scored similar to the examiner’s marks in the Phase 2. Different to previous years, this course will also have Lots of TPS practice so not only Phase 2 is covered but also ex-students can practice their reading performance for Phase 1.

CLIENT: Ex-CACD Composition and Summary students

START DATE: 20 November 2017

DURATION: 12 weeks (minimum)

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This course is designed as a short course for our ex-students for the Second Phases of the Rio Branco ‘concurso’ in 2018. It includes videos, the same methodology and exam development questions to help thise who have already studied with us and need to continue with the same level of flexibility and intensity of study at this time. As you have studied with Shaun before you know the routine and you can pace yourself depending on the time of the year you join and the time until the exam. The support will be the same.

As an extra bonus TPS texts have been added to give our candidates full preparation for the exam in 2018.


On this course students can take between 12 weeks to complete all of the writing tasks but can go slower if needed. (NOTE: do not stay away for a long person of the course will be closed as stated on the contract).  These tasks include different weekly writing so you will be prepared much more deeply and use different questions styles that could be on the test next year. For example in the first week you will have reading material on wan exam and 2 different styles of possible questions and a summary, the next week different translation styles will be reviewed along. Each week the course will view the possible different styles the examiner has previous used and also what could use in 2018. See this video for a further explanation:

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