This course is only for students who have previously studies with us or are continuing after completing the CACD Composiiton and Sumamry course. We also allow candidates who have done Phase 2 once we evaluate their exam ‘espelhos’.

For a description of the course, please see below.

CLIENT: Ex-CACD Composition and Summary students or 2018 Phase 2  candidates.

START DATE: 1 January 2019

DURATION: 14 weeks (minimum)

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This course is designed for those students who either;

a) want to continue studying after the CACD Composition and Summary course.

b) have done the second phase and want to maintain training for the exam for next year.

As with all of our courses, the it includes videos, the same methodology and exam development questions to help those who have already studied with us and need to continue with the same level of flexibility.

There is lots of practice, compositions, translations, summaries with some weeks including full tests to practice your timing and learn to work under pressure. The compositions will be reviewed as if being marked by the examiner or, if you need to develop, the work will be reviewed and rewritten to incoporate tips/changes.

The questions in this course also reflect the focus of the new government.

The support will be the same as with our other courses. Any further question write directly to shaun@centralenglish.com.br

Por favor, antes de se matricular, leia a contrato de prestação de serviços: