COURSE START: When payment is confirmed

OPEN: April 2020


COURSE END: The date of Phase 2 exam.

The Phase 2 course is for candidates who want exam training and practice for the Phase 2 of the Rio Branco ‘concurso’ this month. As candidates require a more intensive but flexible form of study this course is ready for this important time.

This course is open to candidates who have either already studied or are new to Central English. We know it helps candidtaes pass as student have used this course passed in each of the last 3 years.

Whether you want to start when the ‘edital’ is published or between the TPS and Phase 2, this course is designed to make sure you will be fully prepared for the day of the Phase 2 .

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THE CACD Phase 2:

Students will prepare for Phase 2 (for Phase 1 buy the TPS100 preparation book) for this year’s IADES or CESPE exam and the course will close on the day of the exam. This way you can prepare and be sure you have high level training. This will allow candidates the flexibility to program based on each candidates individual preparation. 

For clrity, the course will be split into two phases:

Phase 1: Preparation (Ementa).

  • Step 1. Videos explaining the course and language exercises. This first part will
    • a) focused on mistakes,
    • b) what language to avoid and include,
    • c) important grammar needed to impress the examiner
  • Step 2Summary writing strategy, summary organisation and correction of 2 summaries under pressure.
    • a)  how to write summaries quickly and score high under pressure
    • b) what to include and what not to include in the summary
  • Step 3Focus on organisation or arguments and illustration and second composition correction + summary practice
    • This section will take time as the composition has the most points to gain.
    • The candidate will write the 2 compositions a number of times so both the candidate and the teacher are sure you understand how to achive a high score.
  • Step 4.Translations, Portuguese-English 
    • a) how to score efficiently.
    • b) what main grammar/translation problems
    • c) dealing with difficult vocabulary, what to do.

Phase 2: Practice and scoring.

  • Step 5. Training for a Complete exam with all 4 sections (simulado 1)
  • Step 6. Practice of complete exam with possible score (simulado 2)
  • Step 7. Practice of complete exam with possible score (simulado 3)
  • Step 8. Practice of complete exam with possible score (simulado 4)

Por favor, antes de se matricular, leia a contrato de prestação de serviços


There are a limited number of places on this course and those enrolled are on first come first served basis.

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Payment(s) can be paid at one time with a 10% discount with the code “phase2short10%”or up to 6 times through ‘boleto’.

For this option of paying in more than one time, please enroll as normal to leave your details on the site. Instead of paying contact us (see the link below) and we will manually emit the ‘boletos’ and send to you.