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Inglês Jurídico

This online course is designed specifically for Brazilian lawyers.

Speak to Prof’ Shaun now through Whatsapp (click here) before enrolling on the course to discuss your needs and check your level.

All classes will be held in English.  – A cada semana, novos conteúdos jurídicos serão estudados para os advogados concluírem e, no final da semana, haverá uma aula online da 1h30 ‘ao vivo’ com todo o grupo com o professor. As atividades terão diferentes disciplinas jurídicas que obrigam os advogados a falar inglês e técnicas de negócios com foco em negociações, representação legal e relacionamento com clientes.

First Semester Course schedule (ementa);




Crime 1


Crime 2



Civil Law




Contract Law 1


Legal English introduction

The language of the law and lawyer

Describing the law

Brazil, constitutional v common law and international law

The different court systems

Child Abduction

How to study legal English

Talking about your work



Numbers and symbols

Pronunciation: Stress

Criminal Law

Types of crime and the differences in

Brazilian crimes

Categorizing crime

The criminal process

Making short presentations


Brazilian International crime and corruption.

Anti-corruption measures and authorities in Brazil.

Case Study. Main Brazilian cases of corruption

Money laundering and its different forms

Asset recovery in Brazil

Ethics: client-lawyer privilege

Reading: Fraud Agreement: Petrobras.

Comparative/Common law and Tort law.

Real v superfluous cases

Reading US bar exam questions.

Legalese 1

Plea Agreements: Plea Bargaining and lenience agreements

Business meetings and compliance

Contract formation

Terms and conditions

Understanding contract clauses 1

Types of breach

Contract remedies 1

Formal writing, inversion and emphasis.

Legalese 2


Text Training: Translation exercise


Summary STF: Extradition/Abduction case


Negotiating exercise



Translation exercise: legal Agreement


Translating contract clauses



Verb + Law


Reporting verbs describing laws judgement


Traditional Discourse Markers and

a Legalese marker


Spoken discourse

Grammar:  Adverb positions


Collocations: verb + crime


Vocabulary collocations: The criminal process


Grammar: Modal verbs: Shall/may


Felonies and misdemeanor crime vocabulary

Vocabulary of extradition




White collar crime and investigation


Collocations: adverb + verb


Grammar: Model verbs


Collocation and phrases of agreements


Latinate language: Formal usage v informal usage


Vocabulary of compensation and litigation.


Grammar: Reporting language


Prepositions of time clauses


Vocabulary: prepositional phrases


Writing: A Case brief


Writing: Letter of advice.


Contract Terminology


Grammar: Nominalization


Grammar: Inversions and Cleft sentences


Legal doublets and triplets

Lexical understanding of legal text and vocabulary training Strategy Notetaking word stress Written test Holding a formal meeting and Writing Meeting minutes  

Written test



The second semester will include Contract Law 2, Employment Law Intellectual property, Property law, and Competition law 


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