Most people believe that the translation is a lesser part of the CACD concurso. However, candidates cannot be weak in any area as obtaining a low mark could be the difference between passing or failing. So let’s work to getting you as high a mark as possible! Becuase this course focuses on Translation, this is also a great opportunity to review all of your English problems.

TEACHER: Nicola Gardner.

START DATE:  End of February 2019

DURATION: 10 weeks

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As with all our courses, we have a high-level language teacher, Nicola Gardner (Nicky), who is online to correct student’s translations and explain any difficulties. Each week each student is guided with the help of the exercise and video to understand the difficulties in translating with new information and exercises. With this help our candidates will face the concurso with the confidence of achieving a high score in this section.

We know that mistakes are the main problem for candidates not just the word choice, so this course gives a good grammar base for students to practice and see their difficulties. It covers all the major grammar areas and has specific vocabulary exercises. This gives students a good grounding. Then the candidate will start with simpler translation exercises to make sure those mistakes are reviewed and understood. Afterwards, more advanced text based on the stile of trnalation used in previous exams. narrative and technical style texts taken from Brazilia, and foriegn literature is used.

Note: if you are studying the CACD Composition and Summary it is not recommended you do this course at the same time. Remember – YOU HAVE TOO MUCH TO STUDY WITH ALL OF YOUR COURSES 🙂

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