This course is the main online course taught be ‘Prof’ Shaun‘ The instruction is individualized so each candidate gets the necessary preparation to score high. Phase 1 (TPS) and 2 are the focus. The time of the course varies depending on the level and effort needed to prepare you for the test. “Everyone needs different individualised treatment“. If the student needs more time because he/she needs to improve more, don’t worry, each student will be shown how to improve and given time to progress. This is the main differential than any other course and the one that helps you achieve aa higher level.

Client: CACD Candidates

Date: Now open

Duration: 24 weeks minimum – 1 year maximum


  1. ‘BOLETO BANCARIO’ in one, two or three times or up to 6 times ‘sem juros’.
  2. Paying ‘a vista‘ has a discount of 10%  using the code ‘cacd10%’ for BOLETO only
  3. CREDIT CARD payments, check the bank deyails for the interest rates (juros)

For each payment complete the matricula form on the link below. If you require the price to be divided on ‘boletos’, after completing the form, go to CONTACT US and request how many times you require. These ‘boletos‘ will be made and sent to your email. If you want to use credit card, then this offer will be available.

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Watch the video below of Prof’ Shaun describing the course:

For answers on for questions people formally have see this extra video:


Antes de se matricular, leia a contrato de prestação de serviços:

If you want more information send a message to contato@centralenglish.com.br and we will send them to you.