24 weeks is the minimum necessary for the student to be fully prepared for Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the CACD ‘concurso’. The course is not only focused on Phase 1 and Phase 2 by raising each candidates’ level needed to pass with a high score. There is a lot of writing practice and from week 3 until the end of the course you will be expected to write and complete TPS questions. See Prof’ Shaun talking more about the course below.

Client: CACD Candidates

Date: Now open

Duration: 24 weeks minimum


  1. ‘BOLETO BANCARIO’ in one, two or three times or up to 6 times ‘sem juros’.
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For each payment complete the matricula form on the link below. If you require the price to be divided, after completing the form, go to CONTACT US and request how many times you require. These ‘boletos‘ will be made and sent to your email.



The English Phase 2 section must be practiced and dominated before Phase 1. The exam’s 4 sections are not to be taken lightly. For this reason, we give the most complete online course designed for you to achieve the highest of scores on the exam.

While writing is the main feature of the course, the TPS is not forgetten as the course also include the TPS100 book for students to use and practice over 100 questions of the CACD Phase 1 exam. The book gives practice and tips as well as explanations of the different types of texts and questions used by the examiner. Any doubts and you can ask the techaer at any time.


At the same time this course will give you the time and instruction to raise your level of English. This will enable you to write about some of the most difficult subjects a candidate is expected to dominate. We consider that EVERYONE, whatever level, needs to improve to reach the high level required by the exam.

The course starts with a foundation section of the main grammar and vocabulary you need to know before you write. Then an important a strategy will be introduced to improve your level and vocabulary expression. These form the backbone of the course and is covered in the first three weeks. This learning strategy runs throughout the course so the students can see and understand their progress.


You start when you want, all you have to do is enroll through the link at the bottom of this page.
Although we have groups of students online, you will always have a one-to-one process with the teacher. The student’s communication will always be through your writing as this is the focus of the course, and the teacher will coach, correct and give you measured feedback throughout the writing phase. Contact will be through email, WhatsApp and messenger, whatever suits the student. Our measured feedback may take the form of 2 or three correction, if that is what is required for you to complete each section/week.

When things get tough: Sometimes you will need extra time to complete some tasks as to raise your level, we understand and if you need longer than 24 weeks, which is the minimum, then we will allow time at no extra cost. The Rio Branco ‘concurso’ is not like another in Brazil and we appreciate that candidates need a different form of help and guidance.  When the ‘concurso’ is announced awe have to change the rhythm of the course or even move you to the TPS to pass the first section of the exam or to make sure you score high before you face Phase 2.


The course is designed run by Prof Shaun and is our most successful and traditional course. We have helped prepare student who have passed the ‘concurso’ and are currently diplomats today.  he is used to helping student achieve the top places. In the last 3 years we have an average of 5 people who we have helped to pass, in the past 3 years two achieved the first place. in 2019 two or our students were placed top in different entry categories.


Having prepared many students for Rio Branco the course allows more time for the students to complete the course within a reasonable time. We know there will be a time you need to say, “I need to take a week to rest’. It is a necessary part of learning and we our experience has found you will need a short manageable break. This may sound strange but online students need to know we are thinking of your learning process first and our experience have found this understanding invaluable.

Rest-assured, Central English knows how to prepare CACD candidates and appreciates what it is to study online. CACD is one of the toughest exams in Brazil and we know what it takes to get the top English scores.


We include our well known TPS100 book at the start of the course for those who join us.

Below you’ll find how you can enroll on the course and further details of how the course is structured

Once we have recieved confirmation of your payment you will be sent the login details to your course


Here is a further explanation: The course structure has three overall phases.

The course videos are all recorded for you to watch them whenever it is convenient for you. You can watch them as many times as you wish. The exercises are also open to you and you will have plenty of time and chance to repeat these exercises nothing will be shut down. You have access to the teacher who will correct your compositions many times before he is happy that you are progressing. This is a fundamental differential in our course that, as far as we know, no one else offers.

The Language phase.

In the first few weeks the student will focus on the main areas of advanced language needed to show the examiner you deserve a high score. We will also teach you a strategy to dramatically improve your vocabulary learning.

The Content phase.

This content phase is fundamental as we have seen students who have not passed despite having great English. These candidates did not have the necessary background to attack the composition question correctly. We know it is not just your English that the examiner is marking but your ideas too.

This phase course will help you to answer the question from ‘a ‘higher level of thought’. Through writing SUMMARIES, the student must understand the significance of modern international theories and opinions in answering the ‘concurso’ question. Therefore, this section will build up your knowledge of international theories as well as dramatically improve you English.

Writing phase

In this phase the student will write at least a further 12 compositions. The topics will be based on previous exam and possible new exam questions that are arising in international relations. Each composition will be marked twice in order for the student to a) correct the difficulties you have shown in your first attempt and b) demonstrate you have understood our suggestions. 

We employ a ‘process’ methodology that will guide you to achieving a high composition score.


In this final phase you’ll find the summary easy, as you have the level to write well already and the translations will be introduced. Here you will learn the techniques to normally get a high score,

We believe this course will provide you with all of the tools you need to achieve an excellent composition and summary score. It has been designed by teachers who work at the Rio Branco Institute and developed with candidates who have already passed the exam.

Please note in order to divide the course in 3 or 5 times, place send a request to contato@centralenglish.com.br and we will send them to you.

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