Crime and Corruption Course (ESMPU)

Below you can see the feedback for one of our specialised courses given for ESMPU which is the schools for the Brazilian Public Ministry which is an independent justice department of the government. It is similar to” the Attorney General” in the US or the “Crown Prosecution Services” in the UK. One of the major areas of this organ is to root out government and private corruption and prosecute the perpetrators.

In all of our courses, the classes are taught in English and the feedback is also in English. This course is run regularly for their staff spread through country.

We did not ask if the participants liked the course, this is for the internal survey of the Ministry, but here you can see us asking about more specific information on what they are of the course they found interesting.

Abaixo, você pode ver o feedback de um de nossos cursos especializados ministrados para a ESMPU, que são as escolas do Ministério Público Brasileiro, que é um departamento de justiça independente do governo.

Em todos os cursos, as aulas são ministradas em inglês e o feedback também é em inglês. O curso é realizado regularmente para seus funcionários, em todas as regiões do país

Nós não perguntamos se os participantes gostaram do curso, isto é para a pesquisa interna do Minsitry, mas aqui você pode nos ver perguntando sobre informações mais específicas sobre o que eles são do curso que acharam interessante.








Feedback (names of particpants have been removed) 

por Shaun Dowling – terça, 31 Mar 2020, 13:49

What language or topic have you found most interesting in the last few weeks? Explain why?

 1. Re: Feedback

por  – terça, 31 Mar 2020, 15:28

I realized how complex the processes of digital financial crimes are as well as the asset recovery.  we often criticize the slowness of justice, but on this topic it’s not so simple. The lack of specific international legislation, legislation that goes beyond the jurisdiction of each country, the volume of financial transactions and the speed with which they happen is really a big challenge for the authorities.

It was really great to learn how to say asset recovery in english.

2. Re: Feedback

por  – sábado, 4 Abr 2020, 12:00

I liked to topic about combating money-laundering, especifically to learn the expressions in english like laundry circle and financial secrecy havens.

Recently, we received instructions about cryptocurrency transations and it was so interesting to see those informations that we are receiving now.

3. Re: Feedback

por  – domingo, 5 Abr 2020, 14:35

I liked all the phrasal taught about law because it makes the idea clearer to be understood for English speakers. Although legal terms are always complicated, even in Portuguese, I believe it is important to talk in a way that everyone can understand.

4. Re: Feedback

por  – segunda, 6 Abr 2020, 00:21

The most interesting topics and language were extradition, crimes and corruption, seen in topics 2 and 3.
These are subjects that I work on and that being addressed in another language, brought me new words and phrases in English.

5. Re: Feedback

por  – segunda, 6 Abr 2020, 16:14

So far, I liked the topic about extradition more, because it was about two cases that I already knew about.

6. Re: Feedback

por  – quarta, 8 Abr 2020, 10:43

7. I like all the three topics, specially because I have learned a lot of new legal expressions.

8. Re: Feedback

por  – quarta, 8 Abr 2020, 12:09

The most interesting topic of the course in my view is the one that deals with the different verbs that can be used in the English language to refer to the laws.
I didn’t know it and that is why I had never used the verb forms lays down and sets forth.
Very interesting!

9. Re: Feedback

por  – quarta, 8 Abr 2020, 17:19

In my opinion I liked the senteces:White Collar Crimes (or business or corporate crimes) are typically committed by office employees and professions with a salary. It is synonymous with corruption.

10. Re: Feedback

por  – quinta, 9 Abr 2020, 17:43

As I am from the labour area, for me the most interesting parts of the topic are those related to the structure of the language and the legal expressions I am learning throughout the course.

11. Re: Feedback

por  – sexta, 10 Abr 2020, 15:37

I think the child abduction terms was the legal words I liked the most once it’s a subject that causes some commotion. I got emotional when a kid is separated form his mother after a divorce, for exemple. It was very interisting to learn a little bit of this.

12. Re: Feedback

por  – sexta, 10 Abr 2020, 19:02

In my opinion, in all the texts there is much important content. But, the topic that I most liked was the 2: Extradiction,  because, in the texts contained there I was able to learn several expressions that we use in opinions and legal documents issued by the MP in legal proceedings, like: ‘The law stipulates / The law specifies / The law states/sets forth/determines/lays down/prescribes’ or  ‘the Brazilian Constitution prevents Brazilian citizens’ or ‘she was stripped of her Brazilian citizenship based on article 12’.

13. Re: Feedback

por  – terça, 14 Abr 2020, 17:47

I found interesting the international conflicts between different legal systems around the world. I think a increasing integrated world needs more effective treaties. As we can see, a disease that started in china in December 2019 has spread to several countries few weeks later, causing thousands of infected people and deaths and a damage by billions of dollars.

I found interesting the form the laws are written, very different than other texts I use to read.

14. Re: Feedback

por  – terça, 14 Abr 2020, 12:07

I liked all the topics.  However, in the lesson three I increased my legal vocabulary more and learned new jargons that I had never seen before.  Several times I had to use a dictionary to better understand the use of certain language expressions. Morover, it was very interesting to understand the terms related to white collar crimes, money laundering and cryptocurrencies. They are very common themes not only at work but on TV as well.

15. Re: Feedback

por  – quarta, 15 Abr 2020, 09:34


I think all the topics are very interesting.

Furthermore, I really become interested in the corruption vocabulary since it a very usual felony in my line of work.

Understanding these new expressions will help me improve my reading and my thought process when deal with juridic texts from english countries.

16. Re: Feedback

por  – quarta, 15 Abr 2020, 20:20

Topics 2 and 3 are very interesting and rich about the language.  All the texts bring important content and a lot of new expressions. I had to use a dictionary several times to understand some expressions and how to use them. It’s a good sign! Despite my activities refer to labour law, this course it’s been so useful, because I didn’t have this contact with legal English before. I especially liked Topic 3 dynamics, with more exercises and a typical vocabulary.