Central Sponsorship

Central English has always tried to give something back to different educational projects that come to our attention. We regularly sponsor young students who want to learn English and pay for them to have classes in English school close to their homes. We also have bought computers for children whose parents we know and do not have the means to buy one.

On our course we have offered discounts or scholarships to ex-students who still need to study with use and have been loyal to our company. Future diplomat candidates and young lawyers have passed exams for their respective careers with this help.

In this picture we provided the football kits for a local public school in Brasilia. The schoolteacher was happy to have the skirts linked to Liverpool. The school did not have money for new shirts and the teacher asked if we could help.

The local school in Asa Sul Brasilia, required a full football kit of they were not eligable to enter into the regional school football competition in Dthe Federal District. As Prof’ Shaun is a Liverpool FC fan the school teacher suggested the kits also have Liverpool put on the shirts. We think this extra motivation was worth it.

The Engineering students at the University of Brasilia had not managed to make a successful running car for a number of years to compete in the national student competition. The year we sponsored a whole set of racing types they managed to compete. The racing tyres should last for the next 4 years, so now the next group of undergraduates will benefit from our help.

Here you can see Central English’s logo along with other local sponsors. It is very difficult to get support for projects such as these and so even though we specialaise in English we know that this sponsorship will have long-term benefits for the university students.