• TPS Review 2018
    5 de março de 2018
  • More English problems: The 2017 CESPE Summary Explained

    While recently trying to analyse the results of the 2017 CESPE IRBr exam, the summary section of the 2017 concurso not only confirmed my initial concerns when I saw the question but, on receiving the ‘espelhos’ results from my students, further problems with this years English exam have arisen. I was previously concerned that the

    5 de dezembro de 2017
  • CACD – THE BRICS is/are a problem????

    This article is designed to clarify the use of the acronym BRICS, for my students/candidates of the CESPE English section of the CACD 2017 Phase 2 entrance examination. ‘BRICS’ is an acronym and not considered a plural noun. The correct form is of a singular noun and so the conjugation of the verb must be

    30 de novembro de 2017
  • A Quick Review: English IRBr 2017 Concurso.

    The new ‘edital’, a quick review of IRBr concurso 2017 There has been some considerable changes in the CESPE CACD ‘concurso’ this year and the English section has been given an even higher status than previous year’s exams. So it needs some attnetion. While English in the TPS has now fewer questions (from 13 to

    14 de junho de 2017
  • TPS English: Article 2

    Paper 2: Questions Introduction In this second paper I will continue to review the changes in the English texts used in the first phase (TPS) of the CESPE concurso/examination. Also I will go on to analyse the question types used over the past few years and demonstrate their main forms. First we will review data

    13 de março de 2017
  • TPS English: Article 1

    Article 1. Sources used form the TPS English Section of CESPE/IRBr This is the first or a number of articles I am going to write about the English section of the CESPE/IRBR phase 1 – ‘TPS’.

    13 de março de 2017
  • Hitting the Nail on the Head

    The content of our student’s is one very important part of our CACD Composition course as well as trying to simulate questions for the next exam. After resolving out student’s grammar and vocabulary issues in English we make them write very high level exercises which demand high level content. We also give extra reading should

    13 de março de 2017